How to speed up your website by Pushpal Ghoshal

XML for a very long time has been the the rule for encoding a document in a format that was both human and machine readable. This has been a significant tool for exchanging data between servers and remote and has been practiced by most developers. But we now have a new substitute for it called “JSON”.

Getting Started

1. What does JSON Stand For?

  1. Select a programming language as per your requirement. Something you think will help you in today’s market.
  2. Get your fundamentals clear. Start a course, make a roadmap, make a mental picture of how much you need to finish and by when and progress steadily. Don’t go to the next video without completely understanding the current.
  3. If you have a doubt that you might not be a100% clear about that topic, you should listen to…

Pushpal Ghoshal

Front - End Web developer | Content Writer | Blockchain Enthusiast

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